Rose Flora

Sprite Artist (Zakumba: Episode Astraia)

Rose Flora is the Pixel Character Artist for Afroduck Studios working on Zakumba: Episode Astraia. She is currently studying Video Game Art and Animation at the Columbus State Community College in Ohio.

Rose joined the AfroDuck team shortly after being introduced by one of the co-founders. She is well versed in animation and design when it comes to 2D Pixel art and dabbles in 3D Art as well.

Her biggest inspiration in life is her late mother who motivated her to be the best person she can be in any capacity.

Fun Fact(s)

  • Her first game was Table Tennis on the Magnavox Odyssey

  • She can bake delicious cookies and sweets

  • She is colorblind seeing the world in Black and White

  • Has worked on multiple independent games since high school

  • Favorite game is the entire Mario Kart Series, (She accepts all challenges)