Kwesi Christian

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Kwesi Christian is an alumnus The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Communication Technology. He is passionate about Game Design and the industries it affects, His drive helped establish Afroduck Studios as one of its primary Co-Founders. Kwesi also serves as the Creative Director and Producer of current projects within the company including Zakumba: Episode Astraia.

Fun Fact(s):

  • Kwesi enjoys playing video games (specifically RPG’s), reading, writing, and learning about different types of technology to share with others.  

  • One of the earliest games he remembers playing was a connect four game his father bought him when he was younger.

  • Kwesi was Born in Ghana, Accra and is part of the Ashanti tribe.

  • His favorite game currently is Dragon Quest 11 and Persona 5.

  • He is also currently working on a small film and writing a short novel.