Kiara Flowers

Narrative Editor- (Zakumba: Episode Astraia)

Kiara is one of the writers for Afroduck Studios and is lending her talents towards Zakumba: Episode Astraia. Kiara enjoys writing stories and poetry and making music. She loves to listen and discover new music because of its influence on her creative process. Biking also helps her relax when she wants to be more active. With her unique style of story telling, Kiara is one of the most influential members on the writing team.

Fun Fact(s):

  • Kiara has seen every single Spider Man movie and played every single game that has come on every major console.

  • She used to study French, Mandarin, and Spanish back in school and was semi fluent in the written languages.

  • Kiara is also the C-Founder of her own music label called Optional 23.

  • Two of her biggest inspirations are Frank Ocean and Utada Hikaru.