Indya Slaughter

Music Designer- (Zakumba:Episode Astraia)

Indya is an alumna of The Ohio State University. She is a growing music producer, working with artists such as Chevy and J3. At AfroDuck Studios, she is the Lead Music producer composing the themes to current projects.

She hopes to become a renowned music producer composing soundtracks for various artists, video games, movies, television shows, and sporting events.

  • Fun fact(s): Indya was a former OSU Track and Field star athlete.

  • Drawing and Exercise are both her passions because they are stress relievers for her.

  • Indya has also recently started her body building career and will be participating in more events in the future.

  • Indya’s music can be found on Soundcloud and Apple Music

  • Some of her current music producer work include:

    • “Inferno” - Geai-3 (produced last half of album) ,

    • “Running Back”- CheVy (Co-produced with CheVy)

    • “Short Change”- DevinXO