Ellen Bartlett

Background Scene/Level Designer- (Zakumba: Episode Astraia)

Ellen Bartlett (Also known as Ellie or Bart) is the Background and Scenery Designer at AfroDuck Studios working on Zakumba: Episode Astraia. Ellen is currently pursuing a degree at The Ohio State University in Art and Technology with a minor in Zoology.

Ellen has a pure love for art, especially drawing, and she has recently gotten into animation work. She is working on multiple small projects on her own including a short animation film she hopes to submit to some Film Festivals in the near future. One of the biggest influences in her life is credited to Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and Anime. She enjoys rock climbing, watching and drawing anime and cartoons and living life to its fullest capacity.

Fun Fact(s):

  • Ellen’s first video game was Mario/Duck Hunt Combo. Her favorite game is DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), and The last of Us.

  • She transferred from Ohio University pursuing a degree in Biology with a Pre-Veterinary track.

  • She has a burning passion for Avatar The Last Airbender and Teen Titans.

  • She is a plant mom to 11 Plants.

  • She bakes her own bread because of the recycle bags that are used in the stores

  • Mediocre at Wakeboarding

  • Professional Omelette Flipper.