Concepts (A Little Stream to a Mid-Sized Pond)

AfroDuck Studios was founded back in 2016 when a group of College Graduates wanted to create a video game. The idea was simple. The story was complex. The execution was difficult. And the learning curve was near impossible with four people who had a basic understanding of what a game was and how it worked on a functional level. It was a dream that we pursued and decided to take a gamble on.

Since then, Afroduck Studios has grown to include more than 14 members, each with a specific task and assignment dedicating them to the final release of the project. Throughout our journey, we have encountered many challenges, gained insight and met marvelous people which has helped us along the way. We thank every single person that has ever been part of this project and respect the efforts they brought.

 Zakumba: Episode Astraia is our first large scale team project that has had many hands passed through it. From the original narrative to early concept designs and sketches, the world and the characters each have a story we cannot wait to share with you.

 In this Blog, we would like to share with you some of the original designs and concepts from our development and show just how far we have come with Astraia and the world of Zakumba. Characters, Location, and doodles are what we visually love to show off.

  Please enjoy these images and comment below on your thoughts on some of these concepts. 

 Special thanks to all our amazing artists and designers, past and current. Without them, we would not be where we are.

Character Concepts

 Locations & Scene Concepts

Enemy Concepts

We will continue to release some concepts as we work on them and keep you all updated on our progress. Thank you all for your support.