Welcome to AfroDuck Studios! We would like to thank everyone who has stumbled across our website and we are so excited to be sharing what we have been working on this past June!

1. Episode Astraia - This is our rising duckling, our baby. It has been a little over two years in the development stage but we have made many great strides.

After shifting towards 2-dimensional art, we have finalized the art direction for a sprite based game to tell the story of our young hero, Astraia. We have put a lot of time in conceptualizing and coming up with different ideas to express who Astraia is and we are excited to share her experience with you all soon.

Over the course of development, we have faced many new roads of understanding how games work, what makes the player want to have fun and how we will be keeping true to the classic RPG's that have come before us. One of our biggest challenges has been involved with keeping the narrative in a new story genre based on an African narrative. This is something that we have not seen a whole lot of in the media and we are hoping to have an original cast of characters that will encompass the culture we are trying to capture. 

Our three teams on the side of Programming, Writers and Artists have been hard at work bringing this story to life. The writing team has taken the current gameplay we have and created a short narrative for a prototype. The assets including sprites and the animations are being worked on by the art team along with conceptualization work and our programming team has the framework of our core mechanics developed for testing. 

It has been a slow but rewarding process and we look forward to sharing this prototype with you soon.

2. Social Media Presence - We have all forms of social media now! Jenny and Jason have been working hard this month to produce content and establish a digital presence for AfroDuck Studios. Our presence includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As always you are able to reach out to our team with the contact information we have listed or checking out our pages. 

3. Experiences So Far - ADS has gone through many growing pains and we have found failures and success in many different parts of development. As a new company starting in the industry, we hope that we can share some of our experiences from members of the team as they give their insights to what they have learned. We are not professional as of late but we hope the industry takes time to look at the content we are trying to provide, and are an inspiration for those looking to start on their own projects.